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Fraud Alert

Orbis Mercatus BV would like to draw the attention of its customers and the public on the occurrence of fraudulent activities.

We recognize that Orbis Mercatus’ Identity, logo, and address may be used in efforts to deceive consumers and the public through fabricated representations. If you feel you have been the victim of a fraud, or suspect fraudulent activity carried out in the name of Orbis Mercatus,  please contact us at +31 20 800 4999.

Below are common fraud schemes and ways to report or verify Orbis Mercatus’ authentic communications.

Orbis Mercatus will under no circumstances communicate with clients to request personal information. Orbis Mercatus never sends an email or call claiming to have lost client records or ask to verify information.
If you are concerned about the legitimacy of a communication (call, email or SMS) purporting to be from Orbis Mercatus, contact us directly at

+31 20 800 4999.

Individuals use Orbis Mercatus’ name and brands in emails and on websites in an attempt to solicit fees from interested job-seekers. These scams can be called placement fees or immigration processing fees.
The recruiting and placement agencies we contract to help us identify candidates for specific employment within Orbis Mercatus will not charge candidates an up-front fee of any kind.

Orbis Mercatus does not produce any sort of FCO for any Oil & Gas Product. Therefore any Offer apparently originated in Orbis Mercatus is not legitimate.

So called brokers and others as such whom choses to defame Orbis Mercatus’ image and name by means of non-legitimate material, the perpetrator shall be identified  by our legal unit, and legally handled by the authorities in the full force and extend of the international and local applicable laws.  The legal claims and records of all events will also be sent to the adequate national and international security agencies for due awareness.

Fraudulent activity can also take the form of investment schemes that promise recipients financial reward in return for personal, business or confidential information, front-end fees, facilitation or advance payments. These scams could carry the Orbis Mercatus logo and may use e-mail addresses designed to look like legitimate.

Orbis Mercatus will never issue a cheque and request a portion of that cheque is returned via wire transfer or cash delivery service.


Orbis Mercatus does not run promotions in its assets. Scams may take a myriad of forms, in addition to those described above. We strongly encourage you to remain alert at all times and exercise caution when sharing your personal information.
Orbis Mercatus is not liable for any loss, claim, damage, liability, or cost of any nature that directly or indirectly result from act of fraudulent schemes. Orbis Mercatus will not compensate any loss, claim, damage, or cost of any nature that directly or indirectly arise from fraudulent acts or false representations in the name of Orbis Mercatus. The target person or group of persons shall be solely liable for his/her/their participation in fraudulent acts and strategies using Orbis Mercatus name and consequences arising therefrom.

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