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Free On Board Rotterdam & Houston



Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LPG (Propane) Used as a Fuel for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Heat Applications, Comprising of Cooking, Hot Water Systems and Heating. Engaged as a Propellant, Refrigerant, Vehicle Fuel and Petrochemical Feed-stock as well.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas


Free On Board Rotterdam & Houston



Service Provider:

Private Refinery (Subsidiary of a Tier 1 Publicly Listed Oil & Gas Company)

Product Origin:

Russian Federation

Minimum Order Quantity:

25,000 Metric Ton

Maximum Supply Ability:

500,000 Metric Ton

Information to Intermediaries:

Commissions are USD 10 Per Metric Ton (50% Seller's Side Blocked And 50% Buyer's Side Open). 

3 Or More Paymaster Recipient Applications will be Denied.


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