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Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Is Natural Gas That Has Been Cooled To a Liquid State Stored As a Super-Cooled (Cryogenic) Liquid, At About -256° Fahrenheit, For Shipping and Storage. The Volume of Natural Gas in Its Liquid State Is About 600 Times Smaller Than Its Volume in Its Gaseous State.

Liquefied Natural Gas


Free On Board Rotterdam & Houston



Service Provider:

Private Refinery (Subsidiary of a Tier 1 Publicly Listed Oil & Gas Company)

Product Origin:

Russian Federation

Minimum Order Quantity:

25,000 Metric Ton

Maximum Supply Ability:

500,000 Metric Ton

Information to Intermediaries:

Commissions are USD 10 Per Metric Ton (50% Seller's Side Blocked And 50% Buyer's Side Open).

3 Or More Paymaster Recipient Applications will be Denied.