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This notice hereby announces the recent modification of our website content and business model, a change carried out to optimize our service delivery to our esteemed clients and to uphold industry standards. We urge you to diligently review the information provided below regarding our updated policies and services.

Orbis Mercatus B.V, in its capacity as a recognized consultant and broker for crude oil and refined petroleum products, is committed to maintaining unparalleled service quality, professionalism, and integrity.

Our business operations hinge on a policy of selective collaboration. Our acceptance of inquiries from prospective buyers is predicated on a careful evaluation of their credentials, capacity, and commitment to abide by industry standards. As such, inquiries from unsolicited sources are not entertained.

For interested buyers, a formal request may be submitted to This request will undergo a stringent evaluation by our team. Please be informed that not all requests will necessarily evolve into a business relationship. The final decision rests solely on our discretion, following a comprehensive assessment of your capacity and readiness to conduct serious business operations.

Our dedication to providing exceptional service quality and reliability is manifest in our exclusive association with a single seller. This decision, an outcome of extensive experience, enables us to focus on maintaining transaction quality, ensuring consistency, and building trust with our clients.

In accordance with our corporate policy, we do not welcome unsolicited or unscheduled communication attempts. Unsolicited calls or emails will not be attended to, as part of our strict protocol designed to enhance operational efficiency and safeguard the interests of our clients.

Interested parties are encouraged to adhere to our structured process for initiating business inquiries. Our team remains committed to offering the highest level of service while conforming to industry best practices.

We appreciate your understanding and adherence to our business protocols. We anticipate potential collaboration in the future.

Orbis Mercatus B.V - Upholding Excellence in Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products Consultating and Brokerage.

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