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Boutique Oil & Gas Commodities Consultant

Providing Specialist Support to your Oil & Gas Needs

A far-fetched vision for what is next in global trade. A fervent drive to surpass expectations. We have operated to deliver the finest possible trading practices, serving our clienteles express their requirements.

Orbis Mercatus is a leading Oil & Gas commodities consultant offering competitive prices and has been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service devoid of loss on quality whilst refining it each day.

This commitment has taken us to becoming a prominent consultant we are today. We are proud to serve customers throughout the world.

We Believe

Global trade is a business of optimism, and in that essence, we carry on to develop and progress.


What We Offer

Oil & Gas Commodities, emphasis on price and volume allocation, negotiating prices and terms, managing price risks, contracts, shifting volumes to best-price suppliers and leveraging procurement networks.

Our Strategic Procurement Planning process enables you to chart an effective path to savings based on in-depth cross-functional alignment and an unwavering focus on your overall business strategy.


Our approach begins with budget and target-setting, including the establishment of quarterly and annual budgets, an annual procurement savings target, and periodic updates to quarterly budgets as needed.


Defining the operating plan entails setting category strategies and savings targets, and setting and revising Sourcing and Program calendars.


Executing the operating plan encompasses a review of category and supplier performance.


The Netherland's

Chamber of Commerce

Orbis Mercatus B.V Is Registered and Regulated by the Netherlands Chamber Of Commerce and Operates under the License Kvk 73368628

The European Commission of the European Union

Orbis Mercatus B.V Is Registered with the European Commission of the European Union and Operates Under the Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number NL859490798

The United Nations


Orbis Mercatus B.V Is Registered with the United Nations as an Approved Basic Vendor and Operates Under the

UNGM Number 682699

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